Hahn Memorial 2023 Dan Handicap
Hahn Memorial 2023 Kyu Handicap
Hahn Memorial 2023 Junior Division

Hahn Memorial 2023 Open Division

start:  2023-03-04 00:00:00    end:  2023-03-04 00:00:00



winner is shown in blue, loser in grey, as games finish


Acc is accelerated score added to Wins in McMahon & Accelerated Swiss tournaments to get final score. For tie-break explanation see below

Player names    

Tie-breaks: SoS is Sum of opponents' scores; SoDoS is Sum of defeated opponents' scores
mSOS is Modified Median SOS (lowest and/or highest SOS discarded)
SoSoS is Sum of opponents' SOS
CuW is Cumulative Wins (sum of wins for each round)
Con is Cumulative Consecutive Wins

If * is shown, then Direct Comparison (DC) is used if possible: when there are just two players on the same score and they have played each other,
then the result of their game is used instead of the first tie-break method